Festival BeLive 2018

BeLive Festival 2018

Start your summer with the huge BeLive festival at the NSC Olimpiyskiy
On June 21-24 the BeLive festival will take place in the center of the Ukrainian capital. It will be the place that gathers all the best gaieties of the city. The event will be hosted by the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine the NSC Olimpiyskiy.  It is the first when such an event is held on the site, capable to host 80,000 guests.
The organizers are the teams of Roman Tugashev, the founder of the Street Food project (Street Food festivals, Kyiv Coffee Festival, Kyiv Beer Festival, White Nights) and the Rockets marketing agency. Growth R & D promise a dozen different places of interest.
BeLive will unite the main entertainment lines like films, music, standup, art, education, extreme sports, children's entertainment, street food, etc. in the huge "festiville". Every activity will get its own area.

The organizers won’t create the program of the festival only by themselves. They will invite the leading experts in different areas. For example, the stage of the stand-up will be headed by the producer of Prosto Radio Andrei Shabanov. The full team will be presented during March.
Foreign headliners of the musical direction will be announced on April 1.
-    The headliners are not the main thing here, - the project team is sure. - This is not a music festival, our main priority is diversity.  So we want to focus the guests' attention on the total program.

BeLive is very innovative while working with the participants. The trade spaces won’t be sold. To ensure the best conditions for everyone the organizers will select the participants according to their  ideas and quality.

The priority is the interests of future guests. Therefore BeLive makes 2 types of tickets for all days:
The first, " a get-together" ticket opens access to all the stages, ( except the musical in the stadium bowl) including standup, jumping on the ramp, stands with street food, movies, installations, lecture rooms and lounge zones.

To visit concerts a festival ticket is required.
Fans will not have to choose between performers. There will be three stages in the Music zone and the performances will be clearly spaced in time.
"BeLive is the festival that gathers crowd of friends, friends of your friends, and friends of their friends at a single location! -  the manifesto of the event says.

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