NSC "Olimpiyskiy" has provided following conditions for Media to have comfortable work:

Media sector
is located in the center of the western stand on the second tier - block 72. The number of seats for journalists is 304, where: 207 places for writing journalists and commentators, 97 - for non-writing.

Work room for Media
Premises for journalists, photographers and cameramen to work and have rest are located on the ground level of the stadium next to the conference center. There is also an individual free of charge service-cafe for journalists, where they can get water, tea and coffee.

Mixed zone
is located on the ground level nest to south-western entrance to the pitch and serves as the venue for communication of players from both teams with journalists after the match. This is the place where Media representatives can take exclusive comments from players after game and ask all questions.

Flash-interview zone

There is a flash-interview zone provided for quick interviews during the half time or right after the final whistle, which is located before the entrance to the field.

Conference hall
Conference hall "Champions Hall" with area of 575 sq. m. for conducting post-match press conferences, is located on the ground level of the stadium next to the media work rooms.

During non-match days, all conference halls of the stadium are available for conferences and corporate events. The terms of booking can be found in the section «Conferences and events».

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