Agrobusiness – Champion of Ukraine among amateurs

Today, on June 19, 2017, the main sports and cultural arena of Ukriane - NSC "Olimpiyskiy" held the final match of the Ukrianian Championship among amateurs, which ended with confident victory of the nominal away team - Agrobusiness (Volochisk, Khmelnytskiy region) against Metalist 1925.

In addition to the great gap in score the away team had indisputable advantage. However, the team from Volochisk played cold-blooded style keeping their defense still and using mistakes of the home team from Kharkiv.

The score was opened on the 21st minute after Fedak, GK of Metalist1925, reflected the long-range strike to Temniuk, who didn't miss the chance.  In 20 minutes he doubled the score and after the half time Agrobusiness had two successful counterattacks.

On the 84th minute fans started fire-show and disturbances in the stands, which led to pause in the match and later to its end.

Agrobusiness got their medals, while the fate of Metalist1925 to be determined by Executive committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

"Metalist1925" (Kharkiv) - "Agrobusiness" (Volochisk) 0:4

Goals: Temniuk 21, 42, 71, Hrusha 57

NSC «Olimpiyskiy» Press Service

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