Congratulations from NSC “Olimpiyskiy” on the international “Go Skateboarding Day”

Today, on June 21, 2017, all skaters around the globe come out to the streets to celebrate and skate!

Skateboarding holiday was founded on the West coast of the United States in 2004. Local skateboarders were changing the prohibited signs "No Skateboarding!" to "Go Skateboarding!" and skated over the top of skate-stoppers. In the same year the International Association of Skate companies supported the Californian bullies and appealed to the American Congress - Washington's library stores a document that officially proclaims June 21 as International Day of Skateboarding (Go Skateboarding Day).

Please note that the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine - NSC "Olimpiyskiy" has the location "Alley of Health", where everyone can ride on roller skates, skateboards and bikes.

"Alley of Health" of the NSC "Olimpiyskiy" - is not just rides on rollers on the largest outdoor roller ring of the capital, but also the project aimed at correct and healthy way of life, and, without a doubt, an active, useful and interesting time spending accompanied by the best instructors, the founders of roller-movement in Ukraine!

Alley of Health is open (except match days and days of mass events): from 9:00 till 20:00.

Venue: outer 2nd lvl gallery around the stadium bowl.

Conditions: skating on your own roller skates and skateboards as well as sport running – free of charge.

Features: lessons of roller skating, quads, excursions.

Details: + 38 063 066 32 32, + 38 044 590 68 03

NSC "Olimpiyskiy" - the best is here!

NSC "Olimpiyskiy" Press Service


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