How to get NSC Olimpiyskiy on Champions League Final Day

The easiest way to get to NSC Olimpiyskiy is by metro. The closest station is Olimpiiska (blue line; M2), but that will be closed from 18.00 on match-day. After 18:00, you will need to go to Palats Sporty station (green line; M3) or Ploscha Lva Tolstogo (blue line; M2).

Do not forget that once you have picked up your media accreditation, you can use the metro free of charge until 27 May (i.e. the day after the match).
Similarly, holders of media accreditations for the UEFA Women’s Champions League final can use the metro free of charge from 23 to 27 May.

Metro stations are indicated by a big green ‘M’ in the street.

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