June 22 - Day of Sorrow and Сommemoration of the victims of the war in Ukraine

Every year on June 22, the Ukrainian nation honors the memory of millions of fellow countrymen, the life of which was taken by the Second World War. Grief and pain had she brought into every Ukrainian home, cutting with a bloody line through each heart and fate.

For us this day is filled with tragic memories and pain. The most bloody war in World history brought to Ukrainians a countless number of victims and sufferings, mass terror, death and ruination. This fate had touched every Ukrainian family, the war took life of each fifth Ukrainian.

Our sacred duty is to preserve the memory of those who defended the victory in this horrible war, everyone who became a victim of death from deadly Nazi harvest machine. Life stories of these people are lessons of courage and patriotism for contemporaries.

Today, suffering bloody military aggression in the East of Ukraine, we especially understand the price of freedom, peace and security. The best sons and daughters of the Ukrainian nation once again stand with weapons in their hands, protecting our borders, our freedom, our own democratic choice.

We bow our heads to the courage and indomitability of our people, who found the strength to endure and survive, which stood up for a battle and defeated the enemy in heroic fight.

We cherish the memory of victims. Honor and glory to living heroes!

NSC "Olimpiyskiy" Press Service

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