Kids Autism Games: Olimpiyskiy is the second home for autistic children

April the 2d is the World Autism Awarness Day.

The unique sports activities for children with autism are held in the very heart of Kyiv at the NSC Olimpiyskiy for the third year in a row.

The Kids Autism Games is a project made in cooperation with the main arena of Ukraine that helps children with autism in their socialization and physical development, as well as adaptation to the life as healthy and strong kids.

Classes are held weekly for 3 groups of 20 children each. Children from 3 to 12 years are engaged into the groups. Thegroup woks is based on games, workouts, communication and interaction.

- The idea of project came from NSC Olimpiyskiy, - Natalia Martiashvili, coordinator of Kids Autism Games says. - We studied the features of communication with such children for some period of time, learned how to be the friends with them, understand them and help them. And it turned out that our coaching staff found a common language with the children easily and knew what they needed.

Very few people in Ukraine understand what this problem is. The children with autism seem to be disobedient, they say, the child is not quite correctly behaving in society. But in fact, such a child is just scared and this is his reaction to a new thing, a new person, or something that brings him to this state.

Our task is also to teach society to be tolerant to these children, and to learn to distinguish between the characteristics of their behavior and their defensive reaction.

In 2015 we decided to use an adapted program to these children at the NSC Olimpiyskiy for several months. Our main task was to work upon the socialization of children and their physical development. In 2016, we wanted to run a marathon with them. It is necessary to understand that for such children the most difficult thing is crowds of people, loud music, noise, bright colors, but we decided to break these and to teach children to interact with society. And now we have a schedule of participation in all Kyiv marathons. Children are delighted. We also visit Dynamo home games, the children are happy, we even have a flag in support of the team, we are always prepared, always wait for the season and come to the stadium.

The energetics of the NSC Olimpiyskiy helps us to win, the children feel completely safe and enjoy visiting classes. They wake up on Sunday morning, and the first thing they say to their parents is Olimpiyskiy. This is their sports home.

To help children with autism you can make a donate on site of Ukrainian philanthripic marketplace

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