KYIV MUSIC DAYS will be held in the BALLPARK at the NSC Olimpiyskiy

On April 13-15, 2018 KYIV MUSIC DAYS will be held in the BALLPARK at the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine the NSC Olimpiyskiy.

KYIV MUSIC DAYS is a music forum that covers the current trends of the concert business and includes a conference of the concert industry, a showcase festival and an industry prize.

During three days, guests and forum participants will be able to attend lectures, master classes, panel and roundtable discussions with the involvement of Ukrainian speakers and European experts in the music industry. More than 150 musicians will take part in the showcase festival.

The thematic range of the conference is very wide. It is planned to present about 20 courses such as:

- an overview of European showcases and their specifics;

- new formats of music journalism;

- features of management and PR of Ukrainian artists;

- legal aspects of concert activity;

- panel discussions of the ticketing industry and the organizers of major festivals;

- interaction with institutions and work with sponsors;

- the nuances of niche education in the concert industry;

- special presentations, workshops and round tables "behind closed doors".

Several special events are also planned as a part of KYIV MUSIC DAYS, and will be announced additionally.

The speakers of the conference: Gergely Salamon (Eastaste, BUSH, Hungary), Natalia Padabed (More Zvukov Agency, Germany), Vlad Fisun (Atlas Weekend), Eugene Kibets (Happy Music Group), Sergei Maletsky (H2D), Lydia Klov (GAS-Concert, ТМНК), Liliya Mlinarich (Koktebel Jazz Festival), Olesya Korzhenevskaya (Day of the Woolly Music), Anton Taranenko (Department of Tourism and Promotions of the KSCA), Alexey Bondarenko (LiRoom), Alexander Varenitsya (PR-laboratory "Many Waters"), Elena Kolyadenko (KADNAY), Irina Gorban (DakhaBrakha), Dmitry Feliksov (, Dmitry Chin (, Olesya Gulyaeva (, Dmitry Bezkorovayny ( Minsk), Mikhail Yasinskaya Service), Egor Kiryanov (The Hardkiss). A full list of participants and a schedele will be announced in the near future.

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