Media accreditation for the UEFA Champions League finals

How to get accreditation for the final matches of the Champions League, and what is required? What is the application process?

Accreditation for the UEFA Champions League finals will be carried out exclusively through the official website of UEFA. The journalists will be able to apply for accreditation for the UEFA Champions League finals from April 3, 14.00 CET  till May 4, 23.59 CET (00.59 Kyiv time). Each of the finals requires separate application.

The accreditation and media booking request needs to be submitted via the FAME (Football Administration Management Environment) platform.
Media representatives (print, online media) as well as non-broadcast television and radio companies must provide personal information, photo, contact information, valid press card and latest published work samples in order to become part of the media accreditation pool and have the right to apply for the other events of UEFA.

Once the request is accepted and the FAME account is active, an application for media accreditation and media bookings can be submitted. After media representatives will receive a special information statement on the procedure of accreditation and a reminder of the deadlines.

Additional Information
The information about the quota for Ukrainian media representatives will be known after the semifinal matches. The information about additional activities for the media representatives  as well as the procedure for accreditation for the "Festival of Champions" will be announced several days before the final.
Foreign journalists who plan to work at the final matches in Kyiv must remember that they do not need an entry visa to Ukraine, but having a valid foreign passport is a mandatory requirement for entry.

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