New exhibit items for the museum of “90-year history of NSC “Olimpiyskiy”

Today, on February 3, 2017 the museum of "90-year history of NSC “Olimpiyskiy” of the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine received new exhibit items: a compilation of local lore materials "New development", costumes, artifacts and decorations form the show "Grand Hotel Budapest".
The compilation of local lore materials "New development" was represented and signed by the author in person. It includes a unique historical information on the life of the stadium and also is accompanied by photo illustrations from private archives.
The museum also received the costumes, artifacts and some decorations from show "Grand Hotel Budapest», which was taking place in the NSC "Olimpiyskiy" from December 15, 2016, to January 15, 2017.
We remind that the Museum of "90-year history of NSC "Olimpiyskiy" is open every day excluding match days from 10:00 to 17:00. Each visitor of NSC has an opportunity to visit the museum within the stadium tour or separately.
- Any supporter of visitor can contribute to the history of the museum! In case You have interesting exhibits related to glorious past of the biggest arena of Ukraine and You are willing to memorialize Your name on the historical Olymp of our arena, then bring Your exhibits to the museum of "90-year history of NSC "Olimpiyskiy". Exhibit items may also be given for temporary exhibition, - Viktor Anisimov, Director for external affairs of the State-Owned Enterprise "National Sports Complex "Olimpiyskiy", said.

More details on the History museum of NSC:
Additional information can be found in the press service of the stadium:, 044 590 67 01.

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