Notes for the guests of Imagine Dragons concert

✔The entrance to the NSC Olimpiyskiy will be open from 16:00 on August 31
✔The entrance to the stadium bowl (fan zone) will be open - from 17:00

All official tickets for the concert (including electronic tickets) are provided with a unique barcode.
All tickets are unique and have no repetition.
All tickets will be scanned at the entrance to the NSC Olimpiyskiy.
Any attempt to re-present the ticket or its copy will not be taken into consideration, and the owner of such a ticket or its copy will be denied to enter the stadiumt.
We strongly recommend to contact crisis centers that will be located at the entrances West 1 (Shota Rustaveli and Zhilyanskaya streets intersection) and North 1 (near the Sports Palace) with all the tickets related problems.
Please take into account that falsification of tickets or their deliberate copying and use in order to attempt an illegal passage to a concert is an offense.
If you came to a concert from another city with bags or backpacks, please leave them in the storage rooms on the territory of the NSC Olimpiyskiy.

✔19: 45 - 20:30 The Vaccines
✔20: 30 - 21:00 Break
✔21: 00 - 23:00 Imagine Dragons
The spectators are kindly requested to come to the arena in advance, as it takes time to enter the NSC Olimpiyskiy.

Children under 6 years who do not occupy a separate place in the sector are entitled to a free pass.
Children under 12 without an adult are not allowed to enter the fan zone. Exceptions: the child's parents write an official permission and take the responsibility for the child's being in the fan zone, in this case a child (up to 12 years old) can be allowed to the fan zone.

The special podium for people in wheelchairs will be located near the Fan Zone "Vodafone". The entry to the stadium will be through a special gate, which is located in the West 2 (Shota Rustaveli and Zhilyanska streets intersection). The visitors will be met and accompanied to the venue by stewards and volunteers.

It is forbidden to bring to the concert:
❌ drones, professional photo and video equipment in large trunks, tripods, monopods (self-poles), aipads;
❌ laser pointers, sticks, glowing bracelets, beads;
❌ bottles, jars and other containers;
❌ fragile goods (glass);
❌ bladed articleы;
❌ pyrotechnic products and fireworks;
❌ banners and flags on flagpoles;
❌ large bags, backpacks and suitcases, the size of which exceeds 20 cm x 25 cm x 50 cm;
❌ Means of transportat: bicycles, segways, skateboard, etc .;
❌ motorcycle helmet;
❌ animals;
❌ the audience is not allowed to enter the concert in a state of alcohol / drug intoxication, and also aggressively disposed towards the staff and other visitors.

Come early to take the best place in the fan zone and go to the stadium in a calm way. Also draw your attention that public transport will work under no timeline. Olimpiyska metro station will be closed to enter and to exit from 19:00 to 20:00 the trains will not stop at the station. The Palats of Sport station will be closed to the exit, Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho station will be closed to enter.

Please note that after the concert ends, you will also need some time to leave the NSC Olimpiyskiy. In addition, the entrance of passengers at the stations "Olympiyska", "Palace of Sport" and "Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo" can be restricted after the concert. Ambulance, rescuers and police will be presented on the territory of the stadium during the concert. Stewards will help to find representatives of these services.


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