NSC "Olimpiyskiy" congratulates on the International Day of Child Protection!

Every year the first day of summer is celebrated as the International Day of Child Protection - the great holiday of joy and eternal hope. After all, in children we want to see the realization of our dreams and aspirations. We want to be sure that they grow up healthy and happy, to glorify their family and native land.

Children are our most precious treasure, our joy and our inspiration. Therefore, the holy duty of the family, the school, the authorities and the public is to take care of the comprehensive development of the interests and abilities of children, to give them a proper level of education and observance of their rights.

The main sports and cultural arena of NSC "Olimpiyskiy", calls everyone today and every next day to warm and love each child's heart, to unite efforts for the future, and then the small citizens will grow up as worthy people and certainly become the pride of Ukraine.

NSC "Olimpiyskiy" Press Service

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