NSC “Olimpiyskiy” receives gratitude from International Women’s Club of Kyiv

The main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine - NSC "Olimpiyskiy" - has recived a gratitude from the International Women's Club of Kyiv.
- This certificate is given to NSC "Olimpiyskiy" as a recognition of its valuable contribution during holding and organization process of the 24th Charitable Fair "IWCK Charity Bazaar", which was held on December 3, 2016, - said in the gratitude.
We remind that the International Women's Club of Kyiv has been hosting annual charitable fair "IWCK Charity Bazaar" in the territory of the main sports arena of Ukraine for three years in a row. This event is organized annualy at the beginning of December to gather funds for those Ukrainians who need help. All gathered funds from this fair to be spent for needs of orphans, the elderly, children with special needs and other people, who are in a difficult life situation and need help.
Organizaers - The International Women's Club of Kyiv - is a non-profitable organization, founded in 1992 by a group of women from foreign countries who live in Ukraine. Today, the organization has more than 200 participants from over 59 countries of the world, in particular by uniting representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Ukraine; women and men who work in cultural and business communities; wives of diplomats and business representatives.
Participants of the last year fair: 41 diplomatic institutions, international companies, national and international cultural organizations. The solemn event was attended by more than 8 000 guests, who helped to gather over 1 900 000 UAH during the fair. The total amount collected during the Bazaar made up 3 100 000 UAH due to contributions from sponsors.
- We, as the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine, are glad to host for the third in a row time "IWCK Charity Bazaar". Undoubtedly, this is one of the most positive, brightest and beloved activities for residents and visitors of the capital city. We want to thank organizers for their priceless contribution to charitable activities in this country, wish luck and inspiration for new interesting achievements and projects, - Viktor Anisimov, Director for external affairs of the State-Owned Enterprise "National Sports Complex "Olimpiyskiy", thanked in his speech.

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