NSC Olimpiyskiy will enhance security measures during the match Dynamo Kyiv v AFC Ajax

To the fans and guests of the NSC Olimpiyskiy!

On August, 28, 2018, the security measures during the UEFA Champions League play-off round second leg between FC Dynamo Kyiv and AFC Ajax  will be enhanced.

The law enforcement will enhance the security measures at the match: a line of metal detectors will be located in front of the turnstiles and additional inspection will be carried out. Taking this to the account , we urge you to come to the stadium in advance. We remind you that the gates of the stadium will open 2 hours before the kick off at 20:00!

Also draw your attention that public transport will work under no timeline. Olimpiyska metro station will be closed to enter and to exit one hour before the kick off ( 21:00 ),  the trains will not stop at the station. The Palats Sportu station will be closed to the exit, Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho station will be closed to enter.

Depending on the passenger traffic the entrance of passengers at the stations "Olympiyska", "Palace of Sport" and "Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo" can be restricted after the match.

Save your time! See you at the stadium!

The NSC Olimpiyskiy press service

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