NSC "Olympiyskiy" wishes Merry Christmas!

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!
We wish you Merry Christmas! Let this majestic holiday bring you and your families the joy of meeting your dear people, heal your exhausted souls and bring back the forces lost on the roads of life.
At the moment when the star of Bethlehem lights down in the sky - let us pray for those who are not with us. For fearless heroes who gave their lives in the fight for Ukraine. And those of our courageous sons and daughters who light a Christmas candle on the front line, in the trenches ...

We wish you all a faith that does not let break down, and hope that helps to overcome obstacles. We wish you to have the family warmth and children's laughter in your house. And the most important we wish you peace on our God-given earth. Let's light the Christmas candles for good and happy future, that will come for sure.

Merry Christmas! Christ is born - we glorify Him!

The collective of the NSC "Olympic"

Our Partners