Preparations for the start of the football season at the NSC "Olimpiyskiy"

The biggest sports and cultural arena of Ukraine – NSC “Olimpiyskiy” - is warming its emerald field with special mobile warming platforms. Two platforms can replace the natural sunlight for pitch in autumn and winter seasons. Each of the platforms for pitch can warm 700 sq. m. of the pitch. Sizes of the pitch of NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is 7 887,5 sq. m., thus every 14 hours artificial “Sun” can “feed” 2 100 sq. m. of the pitch which is the 4th part of the whole field. Despite massive sizes of platforms, they don’t cause any damage to the pitch being made out of aluminum.
We remind that the same mobile warming platforms are successfully used at the stadiums around the World. The idea of mobile warming platform was developed in 1997 in Trondheim city, Norway during the Champions league match at “Lerkendal” stadium where the match was played in winter season on bad lawn. It was the date when the mobile warming platform was developed and patented in order to make growth of the lawn better.
See you in the stands!
NSC “Olimpiyskiy” – the bets is happening here!
NSC “Olimpiyskiy” Press Office

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