Rules of media representatives work during the Champions League final


There are two media working areas. The first one (the main one) is located after the media information desk, at the end of the corridor on the left, and contains 120 working positions.

The second media working area is located behind the press conference room and contains 80 working positions.

Both areas are equipped with power (Schuko plug sockets) and Wi-Fi. Cabled internet connections and TV screens are only available in the first media working area.

Working area opening hours:

MD-1 (25 May): 11:00-23:00

MD (26 May): 10:00-03:00 (MD+1)


The press conference room is located close to the media working areas on level 0.

An SAD will be needed in order to access the MD-1 press conferences, but no SAD will be required for the post-match press conferences on MD.

Please follow the rules indicated by the UEFA media officer at the start of each press conference. As all press conferences will be broadcast live, please wait until you have the microphone before speaking, and give your name and the name of your publication before asking your question. Also, please ensure that you ask your question in one of the authorised languages (English, Spanish or Ukrainian).

Please note that all press conferences (both on MD-1 and on MD) will be streamed live on the UEFA Media Channel, where full transcripts of all press conferences will also be made available.

Photographers are not allowed in the press conference room, but photos will be shared with the media - free of charge for editorial usage - via the UEFA Media Channel.



The mixed zone is located on level 0, in the service tunnel between the players’ entrance to the dressing room area and the team buses.

The mixed zone will only be open after the match, and only media representatives with confirmed SADs will be granted access.

The mixed zone will be split into separate sections for (i) TV and radio rights holders, (ii) TV and radio non-rights holders, and (iii) press.


The cameras of non-rights-holding broadcasters must be deposited before kick-off and cannot be reclaimed until after the trophy ceremony. Cameras can be deposited between 17.00 and 21.30 on match-day.

If a representative of a non-rights holder fails to leave their camera equipment in the storage facility, their accreditation will immediately be removed, and they will risk exclusion from future UEFA events.

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