Thanks a lot for visiting the Grand Hotel Budapest!

The main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine – NSC Olimpiyskiy – is sincerely grateful to all the visitors of the Grand Hotel Budapest!

- We offer our "Grand Hotel Budapest" that is a unique product for the entertainment industry for the second year in a row. The show is very popular among corporate clients, mainly the large international corporations. This year we also decided to organize a New Year's Eve celebration. In addition, we opened an interactive performance for the young spectators "The Secret of the Grand Hotel Budapest", - the organizers told.

"Grand Hotel Budapest" is a completely new format to celebrate New Year's holidays. It’s been created by professionals of the NSC Olimpiyskiy who took into account the many years of experience of world-wide events organization. The show is based on the well-known cinematic comedy by Wes Anderson, that won the Golden Globe in 2014, was awarded the special jury Grand Prix of Berlinale and got several BAFTA prizes. The show is combined with the adventure game with total immersion into the story, show, sophisticated cuisine and faultless provision of services. We are pleased that the NSC "Olimpiyskiy" is the only European sports arena, which offered a show of this level and format.

The first you see after coming to the arena is luxury entrance to the "hotel" of the incredible size. The total weight of the decorations that were made specially for the "Grand Hotel Budapest" is more than 20,000 kilograms. At the entrance of the "hotel" you are greeted by a friendly and. impressively dressed staff. There are several locations for you: a lobby with classical music and an aperitif, a fan casino and a grand stage with a main show! Everything is located on three floors of the arena! Every guest will be offered to discover all the secrets of the Grand Hotel. You can play roulette, blackjack, poker, take an interesting quest and become the part of the mysterious action. The beautiful music, friendly staff and delicious dishes will help you to feel like the bohemian guest of the hotel.

After the quest every guests of the event could dance watching the performance of star musicians. More than 100 people of the staff will serve the show on the territory of about 5000 square meters. The total number of actors, musicians, dancers and vocalists who will work during the show is more than 50 people. Just for 5 hours everyone could be lost in a completely different fabulous world of secrets, excitements and comedy!

- More than 5000 visitors came to our show this year. Most of them are the stuff members of large corporations that organize corporate parties for 600-700 people. Some companies managed to organize two corporate parties for different business divisions. We were visited by ABT Bayern, Kyivstar, Uniqa, a group of companies "New Products", banks, travel companies and others. We are pleased that everyone was happy, and we got nice feedbacks. We already have got some pre-orders for the next year. There is no doubt it inspires us to make the new projects. We are already thinking how to surprise our guests and to give them even more positive emotions in December 2018, - the organizers said.

An interactive show "The Secret of the Grand Hotel Budapest" was specially created for our young visitors this year. During the performance, the children unraveled the secrets, fought against the evil heroes, went through several adventures: defeated the smoky spider, learnt to dance, threw snowballs to Snowman and ... even fought with Gin! The young guests saw the dancing and singing performances as well as circus acts and stage combat show.

- As the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine we pay much attention to the most vulnerable children in society we call them special children. We believe that our shows can help children to feel the spirit of victories, the faith in their own abilities, and inspire them to achieve victories over the life's circumstances and difficulties. We invited kids from children homes and communities, children with special needs and physically challenged children. They all got joy and pleasure from our shows. It is very nice to make the kids happy and smiling, because some of them have certain problems with socialization and attend the performances very rarely. We are planning to create new interesting projects and to please our visitors of any age, - the organizers concluded.

Thank you all our visitors and see you soon!

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” - all the best things happen right here!

Press service of the NSC “Olimpiyskiy”


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