The mystery of "Grand Hotel Budapest" has been unraveled at the NSC Olimpiyskiy

Today, on December 25, 2017, when all Western Christians, Catholics, Lutherans and other Protestant denominations celebrate Christmas Day, the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine - NSC Olimpiyskiy - has prepared a real surprise for its young visitors! They were invited to immerse into the mysterious world of the "Grand Hotel Budapest", unravel the mystery of the hotel, defeat the evil heroes and spend an unforgettable time!

- Our show is created for kids of different ages, the show is very rich. First of all, our guests come into the play space with professional animators and interesting entertainments. The show was created in such a way that children constantly interact with actors, unravel the mystery and, of course, draw conclusions that bad deeds do not lead to good consequences. We held the previous show on St. Nicholas Day and saw that not only our young guests were satisfied, but their parents too. After all, the show takes place in the incredible scenery of our "adult Budapest". And only professional actors play perform in our show, - the organizers of the show told.
Everyone knows that every hotel keeps its secrets: about ghosts or people who disappear, but at our hotel things come to life at midnights!

Our main character, the famous film director Oliver Smith, goes to the "Grand Hotel Budapest" to unravel its secret personally and to film it for people. The owner of the hotel Mustafa tells him about the mysterious key that opens the magic door. And everyone can immerse into a parallel world where heroes of fairytales and cartoons live just after passing through that door. This door can only be opened on the New Year's Eve. Fox overhears their conversation. He steals a key, finds mysterious door, and opens it.

The door is the entrance to the fairytale world "Through the Looking Glass". Our characters get into this world and become fabulous heroes. The door’s been closed. The Genie, The Wizard of the Looking Glass, is ready to fulfill three wishes of uninvited guests, but only if they guess his insidious riddles.

The heroes find a mysterious message from the previous owner of the hotel. The letter says that was long time ago when the hotel was a place for the holiday of miracles (New Year), people decorated the tree of good wishes (New Year tree) and lit a magic garland. However, the former owner of the hotel found out that someone wanted to steal a garland and hid it in the Looking Glass. None believes in miracles, and everyone has forgotten what a holiday is since that time. But if there is a brave hero who will find this miracle and return the garland to the tree of good wished, then the holiday will return too.
To find it, the heroes and the small visitors of the hotel have to go through several adventures: defeat the smoky spider, learn to dance, throw snowballs to Snowman and ... even fight with Gin!
We invite everyone to join our fabulous show and take part in the New Year's interactive show The Mystery of the Grand Hotel Budapest. The show includes the dancing and singing performances as well as circus acts and stage combat show. Do not miss the opportunity to become part of the great mysterious show for the whole family!

Duration of show: 60 minutes.

Dates: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 December 2017 and 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 13, 14 January 2018.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the link:

There is a discount for group applications. The reserve of tickets is valid for 2 days.

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