NSC «Olimpiyskiy» - is a unique combination of a 90-year-old sports history of Ukraine, modern appearance and new technologies that have been applied in accordance with international standards. Multifunctional sports arena is ready to take the football and athletics competitions of the highest level, as well as mass and corporate events. NSC «Olimpiyskiy» - is something bigger than just a stadium. It is a place of recreation for the whole family, center of sport, leisure and business activities in the heart of Kyiv. 



Stadium reconstruction of NSC "Olimpiyskiy" meant the construction of modern arena, the new symbol of EURO-2012 on the basis of the old structure. The project of reconstruction saved the existing authentic mound bottom tier and second tier reinforced concrete. Thus, the new stadium combined almost 90-year-old sports history of Ukraine, European experience and advanced technology.


"Olimpiyskiy" remained a versatile stadium - multifunctional sports aren for holding football matches and athletics competitions of international level, cultural entertainment and any other events.

Among all sports arenas, prepared for the European Football Championship 2012, NSC «Olimpiyskiy» - is the largest - the total capacity of the stadium is 70 050 seats, 68 055 of which were used during the matches of UEFA Euro-2012.

The modern appearence of the stadium is created by the glass facade and cover in the form of a canopy with translucent synthetic membrane, which covers 100% of the audience.

The stadium infrastructure meets UEFA requirements for stadiums of "Elite" class - which are new security system, increase the number of entrances to the stadium and ways of evacuation, surveillance system with monitors and video cameras, application of the latest information technologies.

NSC "Olimpiyskiy" is considered to be the main stadium of the European Championship 2012. The stadium hosted the final match and closing ceremony.


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