National Sports Complex “Olimpiyskiy” is the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine.

The stadium of the State Enterprise “National sports complex “Olimpiyskiy” (hereinafter - NSC) is the largest sports and cultural arena of Ukraine, as well as the largest sports arena of Eastern Europe.

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is an elite class multifunctional arena with 92-year history.

NSC has hosted more than 100 football matches, including UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League matches since the date of its opening in 2011 and got a high organizational recognition. Besides, there were successfully held concerts of the most popular Ukrainian and world-known bands and musicians (Okean Elzy, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depesche Mode), which contributed to the establishment of the status of the NSC in the world as concert ground that meets all modern standards.



1. Area

The total area is 16,88 ha. The area of roads, pedestrian ways and paving is 79 326 m2. The total length of outside perimeter is 2 040 m.

2. Stadium bowl

Two-tiered stadium bowl has a reinforced concrete structure. 80 spectator sectors are located inside the bowl. It provides arrangement of 38-46 rows in the lower tier (tier height - 9,5 m) and 30 rows in the second tier (tier height - 15,2 m). The total height of lower and upper tiers - 25,21 m.

3. Capacity

The total capacity is 70 050 thousand people (the upper tier - 32 731 seats, the lower tier - 37 319 seats) including:

• 738 seats in VIP Boxes;

• 3 546 seats in business sector;

• 150 seats for physically challenged people;

• 1 497 seats for media.

All places in the stadium are equipped with seats of “Bluecube” firm and have a width of 460 mm.

4. Catering

Catering provides:

• the main kitchen with equipment from “Kuppersbuch”. The total area of the kitchen is

about 900 m2;

• 18 catering stalls, which are located on the galleries of level 02;

• 24 catering stalls, which are located on the galleries of level 03.
• The total area of the main restaurant is 590 m2;

• 4 bars in VIP zone;

• 4 bars in commercial zone;

• buffet in press zone;

• Olympic Hall with total capacity of 600 seats with 2 bars and buffet serving.


5. Roof

To protect people in the stadium of climatic influence there is a cable-stayed membrane roof.

6. Scoreboard

Two scoreboards produced by Engel Display are designed for displaying materials from various video sources, graphical or textual information during events. Overall dimensions 13.6 х 7,6 m.

7. Lighting system

Lighting system consists of 608 spotlights (380 around the perimeter on the cable-stayed ring and 228 on spatial farms). The system provides 7 modes, under which the lighting of field ranges from 1000 to 2400 lux.

8. Stadium field

Overall dimensions of the field are 105 х 68 m with protective side zones of 2.5 meters and behind the goal-posts of 5 meters.

9. Conference opportunities

Conference hall is equipped with systems for simultaneous translation, motorized projection screens, large screens and audio system. The area of the hall is 578 m2 with a ceiling height of 8 m.

There are smaller rooms available with relevant areas that use portable equipment:

• “Citius” hall - 106 m2; • “Altius” hall - 123 m2; • “Fortius” hall - 115 m2; • “Sprint” hall - 70 m2;

• “Olympic Court” hall - 903 m2 with the height of the ceiling 10 m; • Lounge zone level I - 3 110 m2;

• Lounge zone level II - 1 120 m2.

10. Internet connection

There is an open Wifi network in the stadium. The network with jointless roaming is designed to preserve connection for clients when crossing borders, which allows to provide service for up to 9 000 visitors simultaneously. In case of necessity there is a possibility of direct connection to the internet provider.

Location and transport logistics

 NSC “Olimpiyskiy” has convenient transport infrastructure, located not far from the center of the city:

• 3 metro stations are in close proximity to the stadium: “Olimpiiska”, “Palats Sportu”, “Ploscha Lva Tolstogo”;

• 3 km - distance from the central railway station to the NSC (trolleybuses No 14, 14k);

• 29 km - distance from the international airport “Borispol” (from the airport “Borispol” you can take the Sky Bus, route “Airport - Railway Station”);

• 7 km - distance from the international airport “Zhulyany” (route taxi-buses No302, 368, 805, transfer to route bus No69 on stop “Vulytsia Osvity” Str.);

• 4.3 km - distance from the central bus station (trolleybuses No12, route buses No 412, 412k, 539).



Locations in the territory of the stadium:

• Hospitality zone with the area of 36 000 m2 that can be used for parking of organizers transport, including large-sized transport;

• TV compound with the area of 8 000 m2 that provides perfect conditions for the placement of TV-broadcasting vans and vans-satellites due to the fact that the area is located on the southern side of the stadium, where the signal reaches from world satellites. Moreover, the site has connections to power supplement and associated with stadium TV-system through the cable bridge.

Locations around the stadium: underground parking of Troitska Square - 250 places, parking of shopping and entertainment center “Gulliver” - (450 parking places - underground, 200 places – outdoor parking).

There is also a developed hotel infrastructure near the stadium (within 1.5 km):

• 5*, 1 hotel with total capacity of 287 rooms,

• 4*, 7 hotels with total capacity of 976 rooms,
• 3*, 3 hotels with total capacity of 643 rooms,
• 1 hostel that can accommodate 62 persons.

Shopping malls around the NSC: shopping and entertainment center “Gulliver”, trade center “Olympiiskiy”, shopping and entertainment center “Ocean Plaza”.

A great number of restaurants, cafes, fast food stalls and etc. can be found near the stadium.

Kyiv city also has a comfortable navigation system for guests, including foreigners which was established in line with world standards and was highly appreciated by UEFA and guests of the city.


Opportunities for people with disabilities

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” provides all the necessary conditions for comfortable stay of guests with disabilities. The stadium is equipped with ramp lifts and toilets for people on wheelchairs. Audio-descriptive commentary is available for people with sight problems, as well as translation of the language of gestures for people with hearing problems during the events. NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is a socially oriented arena.

VIP hospitality

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” pays great attention to VIP-guests. Thus, there are 39 separate Sky Boxes for comfortable stay and enjoying events. There is also a Box for honorable guests. Each Box has a separate restroom, bar and restaurant service.


NSC “Olimpiyskiy” has a high level of security (professional staff, the stadium is equipped with modern video control system, etc.), thus it is often chosen as a venue for meetings by presidents and other senior officials of the state. Stewards who work at the stadium during the mass events attended special UEFA security courses. The stadium has established an effective system of interaction with the State Security Service.

In case of emergencies, it takes only 8 minutes for the stadium to be completely evacuated. Up to 600 stadium security officers ensure safety of spectators on the match days and days when mass events take place here.

Up to 1000 stewards maintain the order and provide assistance for guests of the arena on match days and days for mass events.


Football matches

NSC “Olimpiyskiy” is the largest sports arena of Eastern Europe. It is home stadium of FC “Dynamo” (Kyiv) and the National football team of Ukraine. The stadium regularly holds UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches, FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship qualifiers. NSC “Olimpiyskiy” was the venue of the final part of Euro 2012 - the final game was held here.

The experience of the arena’s hosting of concerts

2011 - NSC “Olimpiysky” opening and colombian pop star Shakira concert;
2012 - Red Hot Chili Peppers concert;

2012 - the world pop diva MADONNA concert;

2015 and 2016 - Ukrainian band “Ocean Elzy” gathered over 75 000 spectators;

2016 - Muse concert;

2017 - Depeche Mode concert;

2017 - Andrea Bocelli concert.


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