Congratulations on the Great Victory Day!

On May 9, 1945, humanity won the Peace. The opportunity to coexist peacefully and to resolve our disputes is a treasure that we have been valued since the Second World War.

For Ukraine, this event is of particular importance, because we always desire for peace and tranquility, freedom and good. The Great Victory unites us and makes Ukraine stronger.

In this difficult time, our duty is to be worthy of your extraordinary life deed, to value peace and harmony on your native Ukrainian land with all your actions, to create all conditions for a worthy life, wealthy old age. Sincerely we wish you, dear veterans, to have good health and longevity without sadness. We bow to our fathers and grandfathers. Eternal memory for those who did not return from the front, and glory and low bow to the living war veterans! The greatness of your feat is timeless!

The NSC "Olimpiyskiy" team

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