NSC Olimpiyskiy received certificate of appreciation for the support of the Christmas Charity Bazaar

NSC Olimpiyskiy received the certificate of appreciation from the International Women's Club of Kyiv - IWCK - for esteemed contribution at the 26th annual charity fair "IWCK Charity Bazaar", held on December 8, 2018.

44 embassies including Cyprus and Kazakhstan for the first time participated the event. Traditionally, the national products of the participating countries were presented for sale at the bazaar, they also demonstrated their crafts, souvenirs, national cuisine, drinks, music and folklore.

3 922 265, 10 UAH were raised during the event. The favorites among visitors of this year's Christmas event were the Embassies of France, Austria and Germany that collected the largest amount of funds at their stands. All the funds will be distributed to various charity projects such as help to orphans, old people, children with special needs, educational projects.

NSC Olimpiyskiy is grateful to the International Women's Club of Kyiv for their trust and invites everyone to visit the IWCK Charity Bazaar-2019!

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