NSC “Olimpiyskiy” welcomes to spectacular New Year show!

As it was announced previously, the main sports and cultural arena of Ukraine - NSC "Olimpiyskiy" - introduces a new service - celebration of New Year corporate parties in a show format "Grand Hotel Budapest". This is a new format not only for celebrations of New Yea holidays, but also this is the unique action, created in accordance with cinematic work that combine a quest game, show program and restaurant service.

- When we came up with the idea of "Grand Hotel Budapest", we were focused on big organizations, which often have difficulties with rent of premises that can accomodate and simultaneously provide service for over 300 persons. But after we started to receive countless requests from small collectives and private individuals about the possibility of visiting our show, we decided to make our "Grand Hotel Budapest" open for everyone. We want to make an announcement that  December 22, 2016 is to becme an open date for everyone. You will be able to come with your family, friends or colleagues and dive into incredible world of New Year cineamtic action. We currently accept applications through telephone calls, but also considering to start online sale. Of course this will be immediately announced on our resources, - Viktor Anisimov, Director on External Affairs of the State Enterprise “National Sports Complex “Olimpiyskiy”, said.

We remind that exclusive preparations of "Grand Hotel Budapest" include production of 20 000 kg of decorations. Guests will be served by 100 persons of service staff within the territory of about 5 000 sq. m.. Overall number of actors, musicians, dancers and vocalists, involved into the show makes up more than 50 pesons. Show duration - 300 minutes. "Grand Hotel Budapest" starts for corporate clients from December 15, 2016 and will last for 30 days, till January 15, 2017 inclusively.

In the course of 5 hours, our guests will have an opportunity to enjoy spectacular show and exquisite cuisine. The entire evening will be accompanied by a professional presenter; show-ballet (grand stage program) vocalists and musicians (grand stage program) fan-casino (Lounge 1); entertaining  live musical program (Lounge 2, hotel lounge) quest actors, and moreover, many pleasant surprises are prepared for "residents" of "Grand Hotel Budapest"!

Additional information: Volodymyr +38 063 900 47 17,  +38 044 590 67 07 or v.bugai@nsc-olimpiyskiy.com.ua

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