The future of Ukrainian cities will be shaped at the NSC Olimpiyskiy

How to turn Ukrainian cities into modern smart objects? What does the transformation start with? What world business technologies are being implemented for the development of regions nowadays? What European experience does Ukraine take into account? And how can big companies, or even startups, influence over the formation of a modern Ukrainian city?

You can get the answers to these and other questions from January 29 to 31 at the NSC Olimpiyskiy at the International Expo-Congress "Business for Smart Cities", which will be held in Ukraine for the first time.

"Business for Smart Cities" is a space where influential global companies can meet their partners, local authorities can find solutions of urgent city problems, startups can meet their potential investors, and investors can choose interesting projects and companies to invest money in.

Smart City is a system for improving the efficiency of all urban services by introducing modern technologies that are widespread throughout the world. Smart City developments can be used in many city management sectors such as transport, energy, healthcare, construction, public life, and security. Innovative developments that optimize the use of resources can be introduced in each of these areas. This concept has been implemented to some extent in 2500 cities around the world.

World experience

Smart City Expo was launched in 2011 in Barcelona, ​​a city that is in the list of major smart cities of the world. In 2019, the congress will take place in more than 10 cities on four continents, and programs and projects will be presented and adapted to the specific needs and interests of host cities. Smart City Expo concentrates on five main topics responding to the key issues facing cities: Digital Transformation, Urban Environment, Mobility, Governance & Finance, and Inclusive & Sharing Cities


- Stepan Kubiv, Minister of Economic Development and Trade - First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine;

- Vitaliy Klytschko, Mayor of Kyiv, Head of the Kyiv City State Administration;

- Jordi Hereu, President of IdenCity, the Mayor of the City of Barcelona from 2006 to 2011;

- Kari Aina Eik, The Secretary General, of the Organization for International Economic Relations – OiER, Co-Chair of the UNECE Real Estate Market Advisory Group (REM) and coordinator of the Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence for Smart and Sustainable Cities in Vienna;

- Artyom Liss, Editorial Lead, BBC World Service 2020 Project; formerly Head of Europe, BBC World Service;

- Epi Ludvik Nekaj, The Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week, Singapore;

-  H. İrfan Aker, Chairman of the Board of the DOLSAR Engineering Inc. Co, Turkey.

What does ExpoSongress mean?

Smart City Expo combines two presentation formats:
1. Expo zone
- exhibition space with stands for companies, institutions and cities with projects and proposals for the arrangement of sensible cities;

- Agora - space for blitz-reports on current topics, communication, exchange of experience and contacts.

2. Lecture and discussion platform


- Business Participation in Cities Transformation;

- Smart cities in the region: experience and challenges.


- smart mobility;

- smart economy;

- smart way of life;

- smart government.


Who can be interested in?

We are waiting for the representatives of the city authorities both from Ukraine and from abroad, large companies, members of local communities, public activists, urbanists, start-upers, students and young scientists, teachers of higher educational establishments.

How to buy tickets?

Buy tickets online at:

Ticket to the Expo zone (without access to Congress and Agora) for three days - 1280 UAH.

Full ticket for BSC for 1 day (Congress and Expo-zone + Agora) - 1920 UAH.

Full ticket for BSC (Congress and Expo-zone + Agora) for 3 days - 3200 UAH.

Group discount:
10% in case of 5 or more tickets
50% - for students, government members and scientists  

Join the participants and listeners of the Expo-Congress "Business for Smart Cities" and help to build a better future for Ukrainian cities!

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