Ukraine v Portugal: match information

On Monday, October 14, the European qualifier match between National team of Ukraine and National team of Portugal will be hold at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. Kick off is at 21:45 (local time)

Tickets are available exclusively on, and can not be purchased at box offices.

We draw your special attention to the fact that tickets purchased on other sites such as,,, are most likely fakes that do not give the right to enter the stadium, or tickets that are purchased for resale and will be canceled during a check. We urge you not to take risks and not to buy tickets from resalers! crisis centers will be located at the gates North 1, West 1 and West 3 of the NSC Olimpiyskiy and will operate from October 12 to October 14.

Attention! You have individual tickets and to enter the stadium, you must have a passport or identity document (with photo).

E-ticket scanners
NSC Olimpiyskyi visitors don’t have to print tickets they buy online. New scanners have been installed at gate North 2 (from the side of Palats sportu metro station) and West 4 (from the side of Olimpiyska metro station) and of Olimpiyskiy so that you could store tickets only on your devices.

Media activities
Media representatives whose accreditation request for match has been confirmed can get their accreditation cards on October 13 from 15:00 at the gate West 5 of the stadium.

The schedule of media activities on Matchday -1 is here 

The referees of the match
Referee of the match is Anthony Talor. Assistant referees are Harry Basvick, Adam Nunn. The Fourth Official is Craige Pousen. All referies are from England

Metro working time

KP Kyiv Metro will enhance the security measures on the Matchday.

Olimpiyska metro station will be closed for entry. The entry to Olimpiyska, Palace of Sports and Lva Tolstogo stations can be restricted after the end of the match.

The measures are used for security reasons to avoid a mass gathering of passengers on the station platforms.

The metro working time will be extended for one hour more.

On October 14, some traffic restrictions in the city center are expected.

Entrance for children
Entrance for children under 6 years old (and including) accompanied by parents is free without providing a seat and after providing a copy of the birth certificate.

It is forbidden to bring to the stadium:
- any alcoholic drinks, drags and toxic substances, other stimulants;
- drinks in any package;
- weapons and objects that can be used as weapons;
- piercing and cutting objects;
- objects that can be used as throwing: cane-type umbrellas, helmets, bottles, cups, glasses, incl. canning, as well as other items made of polyester, glass and other fragile, or vice versa, too hard material, as well as Tetrapak packaging;
- smoke bombs, fires and other pyrotechnics;
- dyes and paints;
- flammable, explosive, toxic and odorous substances;
- radioactive materials;
- gas cartridges of nerve and tear action;
- laser devices;
- objects which size exceeds 25x25x25cm;
- drums, horns, megaphones and other similar items, professional photo and video equipment.

Rules of conduct at the stadium 

Storage rooms will be located at the gates North 1, West 3, West 5 of NSC Olimpiyskyi

Come to Olimpiyskyi and support Ukraine at an extremely important match!

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